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Music From The Hitchcock Films

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From the start, Hitchcock knew that music was an invaluable aid to any director of suspense movies who wanted to put his audience through the emotional wringer. From Arthur Benjamin's pivotal cantata in the 1934 version of 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' to Bernard Herrmann's jagged soundtrack for the landmark shocker 'Psycho', the music was usually a visceral part of any Hitchcock movie. By the time John Williams scored Hitchcock's final film 'Family Plot' (1976), a whole generation of moviegoers would always remember their favourite Hitchcock film with, as it were, the soundtrack attached. Here, arranged for Piano, are some of the most evocative themes from some of Hitchcock's most unforgettable films.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Family Plot (End Titles)
Marnie (Prelude)
North By Northwest (Conversation Piece)
North By Northwest (Prelude)
Psycho (Prelude/The Murder/Finale)
Rear Window (Lisa)
Rope (Mouvement Perpetuel No.1)
Spellbound (Main Title)
The Man Who knew Too Much (Que Sera, Sera)
The Man Who Knew Too Much (Storm Clouds Cantata)
The Trouble With Harry (Overture/The Doctor)
The Wrong Man (Prelude)
Vertigo (Carlotta's Portrait)
Vertigo (Prelude)
Vertigo (Scene D'amour)

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